B.A. 圣经研究

B.A. 圣经研究

作为上帝的使者, learn to study the 圣经 thoroughly and communicate it effectively in a contemporary setting.

We believe it is important for those who will communicate the 圣经’s mess年龄 to do so with accuracy and truth for the benefit of the body of Christ. At Criswell you will study the 圣经, theology, and the original langu年龄s with gifted scholars. Deepen your commitment to God through the spiritual formation offered in our Criswell community and watch as this grounding in Scripture becomes a continuing thread in your major, 你的职业, 你的生活.


COM 101   Rhetoric and Writing I

COM 102   Rhetoric and Writing II

COM 201   Intercultural Communication

CRIS 100   The Roots of a Christian Scholar

CRIS 201   Global Learning and Service

CRIS 202   Global Learning and Service Lab (non-credit)

CRIS 203   Local Learning and Service

HUM 201   Roman World

MTH 101    College Algebra*

100-200    Humanities/Fine Arts**

100-200    Social/Behavioral Science**

100-200    Social/Behavioral Science**

100-400    Open Elective

100-400    Open Elective

200-400    Natural Science/Mathematics**


*If a student demonstrates mastery of College Algebra in high school or through a standardized exam, Introduction to Statistics can be taken instead.

**Courses offered at Criswell College that will satisfy these requirements will be marked in the 学术目录 课程描述.

BIB 105        Hermeneutics

CRIS 300     Baptist Faith and Witness

HUM 404    Faith and Culture

NTS 101      New Testament Survey I

NTS 201      New Testament Survey II

OTS 101      Old Testament Survey I

OTS 201      Old Testament Survey II

THS 201      Church 历史

THS 203      Systematic Theology I

THS 204      Systematic Theology II

300              圣经/Theology Elective


GRK 307希腊II



NTS 315    Topics in New Testament Studies***

NTS 350    New Testament Backgrounds

NTS 380    Theology of the New Testament

OTS 315    Topics in Old Testament Studies***

OTS 350    Old Testament Backgrounds

OTS 380    Theology of the Old Testament

PHI 301道德规范

THS 410    Theological Hermeneutics


One of the following:                                                                            

EDU 301    Principles of Teaching

MIN 401    Teaching from the 圣经

MIN 402    传ing from the 圣经


Two of the following:

NTS 310     New Testament Intensive***

OTS 310     Old Testament Intensive***


***Course may be repeated for credit when the topic differs.

Getting my degree 圣经研究 at Criswell enabled me to think critically and also equipped me for a lifetime of 圣经 study. However, the most rewarding part of my degree was the deepening of my relationship with Jesus.

ALYSSA MASTERS / 2020 / B.A. 在圣经研究中
Two laughing housing students sitting on the floor.


Students who graduate with a B.A. 圣经研究 are ready to:

  • Lead a youth ministry
  • 执行任务
  • Lead a children’s ministry
  • Serve in church leadership
  • Work with religious organizations or non-profits
  • Pursue further graduate studies

From 2018—2021, 100% of those who graduated with a B.A. 圣经研究 are either employed or continuing their education.


Dr. Kevin Warstler, Associate Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, and Program Director of A.A. 和B.A. 圣经研究

凯文·R. Warstler

Associate Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament; Program Director of B.A. 圣经研究

B.A. 圣经研究

Why attend Criswell College? For professors like Dr. Warstler, a ministry-minded instructor whose goal is to pour into the lives of all of his students.

Stained glass in library rotunda, looking up from ground floor
Criswell College admits students who are Christians of good character, without regard or reference to race, national or ethnic origin, color, 年龄, 残疾, or sex (except where regard to sex is required by the College’s religious tenets regarding gender and sexuality) to all the rights, 特权, 项目, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of these classifications in administration of its educational policies, e世博esball政策, scholarship and loan 项目, and other school-administered 项目.